World's Ocean-related Institutes

カナダ Canada

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    ● Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research.
    ● Alliance for Marine Remote Sensing.
    ● Aquaculture Association of Canada.
    ● Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee [ACZISC].
      ・ Atlantic Coastal Zone Database Directory.
    ● Aquaculture Association of Canada [French: Association Aquacole du Canada].
    ● Bamfield Marine Station, Barkley Sound, British Columbia.
      ・ OceanLink
    ● Bayfield Laboratory for Marine Science and Surveys.
    ● Bedford Institute of Oceanography [BIO].
    ● Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Ocean Sciences [Halifax].
      [ノバスコシア州ダートマスDartmouth, Nova Scotia; 1962年開設; カナダ漁業海洋省の管轄にある; "BIO Review"を発行している].
      ・ Ocean Sciences Division, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Halifax.
    ● Biological Station, Nanai¨mo. ナナイモ海洋生物研究所 [ナナイモ市; British Columbia].
    ● Biological Station, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
    ● British Columbia大学・海洋学部.

    ● Canadian Aquaculture Institute.
    ● Canada Centre for Inland Waters.
    ● Canada's Aquatic Environments.
    ● The Canadian Acoustical Association.
    ● Canadian Centre for Marine Communications.
    ● Canadian Coast Guard/Garde co^tie`re canadienne.
    ● Canadian Coastal Science and Engineering Association [CCSEA].
    ● Canadian Coast Guard.
    ● Canadian Coast Guard College [Sydney, Nova Scotia].
    ● Canadian Geoscience Council [CGC].
    ● Canadian Hydraulics Centre [CHC].
    ● Canadian Hydrographic Service [CHS] カナダ水路部.
    ● Canadian Joint Global Ocean Flux Study [CJGOFS].
    ● Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society.
    ● Centre for Climate and Global Change, McGill University, Montreal.
    ● Centre for Coastal Studies, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia.
    ● Centre for Earth and Ocean Research [CEOR], University of Victoria

    ● Dalhousie University.
      ・ Dalhousie Marine and Environmental Law Programme, Faculty of Law, Dalhousie University [Halifax, Nova Scotia].
      ・ Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University.
      ・ Marine Gene Probe Laboratory [MGPL].
        See "Link".
      ・ ダルハウジー大学海洋研究所 [ノバスコシア州].
    ● Department of Biology, McGill University [Montre'al, Que'bec].
    ● Department of Fisheries and Oceans [DFO], Fisheries and Oceans Canada カナダ漁業海洋省 [Ottawa, Ontario].
      ・ Marine Fish Division, Fisheries Research Branch, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans.
      ・ Marine Sciences and Information Directorate, Fisheries and Oceans Canada カナダ漁業海洋省、海洋科学・情報局 [Ottawa, Ontario].
    ● Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture [NS Gov.].
    ● Department of Fisheries and Oceans homepage in Ottawa.

      Canadian Hydrography Service.
      Central and Arctic Region>
      + Science, Oceans and Environment.
      Gulf Region.
      Laurentian Region.
      + The Maurice Lamontagne Institute [MLI].
      Maritimes Region.
      + Bedford Institute of Oceanography [BIO].
      + Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic) [GSC Atlantic].
      + Gulf Fisheries Centre.
      + Ocean Sciences.
      + St. Andrews Biological Station.
      Marine Environmental Data Service [MEDS].
      Newfoundland Region.
      Oceans Conservation.
      Pacific Region.
      + Cultus Lake Salmon Research Laboratory.
      + Institute of Ocean Sciences [IOS].
      # Acoustical Oceanography Research Group.
      + Pacific Biological Station.
      + West Vancouver Laboratory.

    ● Environment Canada [Ottawa].
      o Canadian Ice Service.
      o Canadian Meteorological Centre [CMC].
      o National Water Research Institute.
      o Meteorological Service of Canada [MSC]>
    ● Fisheries & Marine Institute, University of Newfoundland.
    ● Fisheries and Oceans Research Advisory Council カナダ漁業海洋研究諮問委員会 [Ottawa, Ontario].
    ● Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic), Bedford Institute of Oceanography カナダ地質研究所.
    ● Huntsman Marine Science Centre.

    ● The Institute for Pacific Ocean Science and Technology[IPOST].
    ● Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science [ISTS].
    ● Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique - INRS-Oce'anologie.
    ● Institute of Marine Biosciences [IMB][Halifax].
      One of the laboratory of the National Research Council[NRC].
    ● Institute of Oceanography [Montreal, Quebec].
    ● Institute of Oceanography[IOS] 海洋学研究所 [カナダ太平洋岸ブリチッシュ・コロンビア州ヴィクトリア市].
    ● Institute of Ocean Sciences[IOS] 海洋科学研究所 [Sidney, B.C.].
    ● Institute of Ocean Sciences [IOS][Sidney, British Columbia].
      ・ Acoustical Oceanography Research Group [British Columbia].
    ● Institute of Ocean Sciences Library, Fisheries and Oceans, Canada[IOS].
    ● International Centre for Ocean Development[ICOD] 国際海洋開発センター.
    ● International Development Research Centre Library.
      ・ Fisheries, Aquaculture and Oceans.
    ● International Ocean Institute - Canada.
    ● International Oceans Institute of Canada.

    ● ICOIN: Inland Waters, Coastal and Oceans Information Network, Ottawa.
    ● "Malaspina University-College Fisheries & Aquaculture".
    ● The Marine Ecology Station.
    ● Marine Environmental Data Service.
    ● Marine Sciences Centre, McGill University マクギル大学海洋科学センター [Montreal].
    ● McGill University.

      o Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences o Centre for Climate and Global Change Research o Physics Servers and Services Around the World o Physics: Preprint Archives & Publishers & Books & Journals
    ● Memorial University of Newfoundland.
      o Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography o Fisheries and Marine Institute + Oceanography for K-12: A Study of Our Oceans o Ocean Sciences Centre o Seabright Corp. - Technology Transfer Agency for MUN
    ● Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries, British Columbia.
    ● National Research Council of Canada [NRC].
      The Council is the Canadian federal government's largest and most diversified research organization.
    ● The National Atlas Information Service [NAIS].
    ● Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council [NSERC].
    ● National Research Council (NRC) of Canada.
      o Canadian Hydraulics Centre o Hydraulics Research Center in Ottawa. o Institute for Marine Biosciences in Halifax o Institute for Marine Dynamics in St. John's
    ● Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) / Ressources Naturelles Canada [NRCan].
      o Atlantic Geoscience Center [AGC] o Canada Centre for Mapping [CCM] o Canada Centre for Remote Sensing [CCRS] o GCNet, an information service that assists users in locating Canadian remote sensing data and products. o Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)

    ● Nautical Data International, Inc, the vendor of hydrographic data collected by the Canadian Hydrographic Service.
    ● Naval Officers’Association of Canada [NOAC; Canada].
    ● New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre.
    ● New Brunswick Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.
    ● New Brunswick School of Fisheries.
    ● Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.
    ● Northumberland Strait Crossing Project.
    ● Nova Scotia Oceans Initiative.

    ● OceansCanada.
      ・ International Year of the Oceans.
    ● Ocean Educations Ltd. Summer Marine and Environmental Science Program.
    ● Ocean Information Technology Showcase, Halifax.
    ● Oceans Canada, Fisheries and oceans Canada.
    ● Oceans Institute of Canada[OIC].
    ● OceansNet.
    ● Oceanography Department, University of British Columbia.

    ● PICES - North Pacific Marine Science Organization, British Columbia.
    ● Planetary Coral Reef Foundation.
    ● Soc. Mathematical Biology.
    ● Submariners Association of Canada – West [Canda].

    ● Underwater Research Lab, School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby.
    ● University of Alberta.
      ・ Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Research Group, Applied Mathematics Institute.
    ● University of British Columbia.
      ・ Department of Oceanography.
        "Neat Internet Oceanography Links"あり.
      ・ Fisheries Centre ● University of Guelph.
      ・ Canada's Aquatic Environments .
      ・ Marine Plankton Ecology and Biological Oceanography.
    ● Universite du Quebec a Rimouski.
      ・ Departement d'oceanographie.
    ● University of Manitoba.
      ・ Delta Marsh Biological Field Station.
      ・ Hydraulic Research and Testing Facility.
    ● University of New Brunswick.
      ・ Huntsman Marine Science Centre.
    ● University of Victoria.
      ・ Canadian Institute for Climate Studies.
      ・ Centre for Earth and Ocean Research.
      ・ The Whale Research Lab.
    ● Zooplankton Production Laboratory.
    ● ブリガンチン協会.
    ● カナダ海洋研究所.
    ● 北極研究所 [ウィンペグ市。極域研究].

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