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    ● Aberdeen Marine Laboratory.
    ● Barbadian Shipowners' Association [UK].
    ● Britannia Royal Naval College: n.[英国]海軍兵学校 [英国Devon州の港町Dartmouth].
    ● British Admiralty [略: B.A.] 英国海軍省.
    ● British Antarctic Survey, The [Cambridge].
    ● British Corporation: n.英国船級協会.
    ● British Marine Equipment Association.
    ● British Marine Life Study Society.
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    ● British Marine Life Study Society [Scotland].
    ● British Oceanographic Data Centre [BODC].
    ● British Ports Association (BPA).

    ● Centre for Coastal and Marine Sciences, Proudmen Oceanography Laboratory.
    ● Centre for Ecology and Hydrology [Lancaster].
    ● Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, The (CEFAS)[Lowestoft, Suffolk].
      An executive agency of the Dept. of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs [Defra].
    ● Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies, University of Liverpool [Liverpool].
    ● Centre for Marine Law and Policy, University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology [Cardiff].
    ● Centre for Marine Technology, Univ. of Salford [Salford].
    ● Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Ulster
    ● Challenger Society for Marine Science.

    ● Data Centre for Marine Sciences.
    ● Defence Evaluation and Research Agency [DERA].
      ・ Wave/tide/storm surge prediction.
    ● Department of Marine Science and Coastal Management, Univ. Newcastle [I. Man].
    ● Department of Maritime Studies, University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology [Cardiff].
    ● Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory (DML) [Oban].

    ● Elsevier Science.
      ・ Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences Journals.
    ● Environment Agency of England and Wales.
    ● Faculty of Maritime Studies, Plymouth Polytechnic 海洋学部 [Drake Circus, Plymouth Devon].
    ● Fisheries Laboratory [Lowestoft].
    ● Fisheries Research Services [UK].
    ・ Marine Laboratory (FRS MLA)[Aberdeen].
    ● Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research.
    ● Hull International Fisheries Institute (HIFI), University of Hull.
    ● Hydrographic Office, Defence Support Agency, Ministry of Defence [Taunton].
    ● Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine.
      ・ T H Huxley School of Environment, Earth Sciences and Engineering.
      ・ Oceanography Laboratory .

    institute, international
    ● Institute for European Environmental Policy [London].
    ● Institute of Aquaculture, Marine Environmental Research Laboratory, Stirling University.
    ● Institute of Fisheries Management, The (IFM).
    ● Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology、The.
    ● Institute of Marine Studies [IMS], University of Plymouth.
      See "Marine Links".
    ● Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton.
    ● Institute of Maritime Law [UK].
    ● Institute of Oceanographic Sciences[IOS], NERC 自然環境研究委員会 海洋学研究所.
    ● Inter-governmental Maritime Organization [IMO]政府間海事機構 [Piccadilly, London].
      ・ Legal Division.
    ● International Fisheries Institute, University of Hull [Hull, UK].
    ● International Institute for Environment and Development [London] 国際環境開発研究所.
    ● International Institute for Strategic Studies [IISS] 国際戦略研究所/"The Military Balance" 発行.
    ● International Maritime & Shipping Security Organisation [UK].
    ● International Maritime Organization [IMO] 国際海事機構 [4 Albert Embankment, London].
      ・ Marine Environment Division, IMO.

    ● Isaak Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences.
      ・  Mathematics of Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics.
    Lloyd's Register.
    ● Lloyd's Register of Shipping ロイズ船級協会 [略称: LR; 1760年設立の船級協会].
    ● London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London [Aldwych, London][海洋総合プログラムもつ].
    ● Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, The.
    ● Marine Fisheries Agency [established as an Executive Agency of Defra, 2005].
      * Hadley Centre, Bracknell.
      * Virtual Plankton Ecology, Huxley School of Environment, Earth Sciences and Engineering, Imperial College.
      * Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, Oxford University.
      * The Marine Biological Association, Plymouth.
      * Oceanography Group, Department of Meteorology, Reading University.
    ● Marine Laboratory, Fisheries Research Services.
    ● Marine Society, The [UK].
      See "links pages" including such key words as "maritime organizations", seafarers' websites", and "maritime heritage".
    ● Maritime and Coast Guard Agency [MCA][Southampton, UK].
    ● Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food [MAFF] 農漁食糧省 [Whitehall Place, London].

    ● National Institute of Oceanography 国立海洋研究所.
    ● National Marine Biological Library.
    ● National Oceanography Centre 国立海洋学センター [Southampton].
    ● Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).
    ● Nature Conservation Council [Northminister House, Northminister Road, Peterborough].
    ● Nautical Archaeology Society, The.
    ● Nautical Institute, The [London]
    ● NERC (Natural Environment Research Council).
    ● Newcastle University.
      ・ Department of Marine Technology.
    ● North Atlantic Fisheries College [Shetland Islands].
      ・ The NAFC Marine Centre.

    ● Ocean Laboratory and Centre for Ecology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.
    ● Oceanography Laboratories, University of Liverpool.
      ・ Physical Oceanography.
    ● Ocean Scientific International.
    ● Ocean Systems Laboratory [Heriot Watt, Edinburgh].
    ● Permanent Service of Mean Sea Level [UK].
    ● Physical Oceanography, University of East Anglia, Norwich.
    ● Plymouth Marine Laboratory [Citadel Hill].
      ・ GLOBEC International Project Office.
      ・ National Marine Biological Library.
    ● Port Erin Marine Laboratory, University of Liverpool.
    ● Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory [POL], Natural Environmental Research Council.

    ● Royal Institute of Navigation 王立航海研究所 [London].
    ● Royal Meteorological Society.
    ● Royal Naval College 王立海軍大学 [Greenwich].
    ● Royal Naval College 王立海軍大学 [Dartmouth, Devonshire; ダートマスはDevonshire州にある海港].
    ● Royal Yacht Squadron ロイヤル・ヨット・スクォードロン [英国ワイト島にある名門ヨットクラブ].
    ● Rutherford Appleton Laboratory's Along Track Scanning Radiometer.
    ● Sail Training Association (STA) 帆船訓練協会.

    ● School of Marine science and Technology, Newcastle University.
    ● School of Maritime Studies, Plymouth Polytechnic [Drake Circus, Plymouth Devon].
    ● School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales [Bangor]
      ・ Plankton Reactivity In the Marine Environment [PRIME].
    ● Sea Fish Industry Authority [1981年設立].
      "Sea Fish".
      Sea Fisheries House, 10 Young St., Edinburgh EH2 4JQ, England ["FEN"を発行している].
    ● Seal Conservation Society.
    ● Shipbuilding and Shiprepairers Association [SSA].
      See "Useful Links".
    ● Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science, The [UK].

    ● Scottish Association for Marine Science
    ● Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies, The University of St. Andrews in Fife.
    ● Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department [SOAEFD].
      ・ Fisheries Research Services.
      ・ Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory.
      ・ Marine Laboratory [Aberdeen, Scotland].
    ● Shetland School of Nautical Studies (SSNS): /shetland_school_of_nautical_studies/
    ● Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge.
      - Online information resources:
    ● Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science.
    ● Society for Underwater Technology.
    ● Society of Maritime Industries.
    ● South African White Shark Research Institute [民間研究所].
    ● Southampton Oceanography Centre [SOC], University of Southampton [Southampton].
      ・ The Ocean Circulation and Climate Advanced Modelling Project [OCCAM].
    ● Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd.
      ・ Oceanology International.
      ・ Oceanspace - the FREE online marine science & ocean technology Newsletter.
    ● United Kingdom Ocean Drilling Program [Durham].

    ● University Marine Biological Station, UK.
    ● University of East Anglia.
      ・ Oceanography, Meteorology and Climate.
      ・ Oceanography list.
    ● University of Liverpool.
      ・ Oceanography Labs.
      ・ Physical Oceanography.
    ● University of Newcastle upon Tyne's Department of Marine Sciences and Coastal Management.
    ● University of Oxford's Atmospheric, Oceanic & Planetary Physics.
    ● University of Oxford.
      ・ Department of Earth Sciences [Parks Road, Oxfprd].
    ● University of Plymouth プリモス大学.
      ・ Institute of Marine Science 海洋科学研究所.
    ● University of Portsmouth.
      Centre for the Economics & Management of Aquatic Resources [CEMARE].
    ● University of Southampton.
      ・ School of Ocean & Earth Sciences [SOES].
      The School forms a part of the Southampton Oceanography Centre [SOC], the University of Southampton and the Natural Environmental Research Council [NERC 英国自然環境会議].
      ・ University of Southsampton Oceanography Centre.
    ● University of St. Andrews.
      ・ Gatty Marine Laboratory [St Andrews].
      ・ Sea Mammal Research Unit.
    ● University of Stirling.
      ・ Institute of Aquaculture, Faculty of Natural Sciences.
    ● University of Wales.
      ・ School of Ocean Sciences [Bangor].

    ● Warsash Maritime Centre [UK].
    ● Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society [WCNE].
    ● WOCE International Project Office.
      WOCE Newsletter.
    ● World Ship Society.

    ● 英国、王立国際問題研究所.
    ● 英国王立ヨット協会.
    ● 海洋科学研究所.
    ● 英国海中協会.
    ● 英国海軍士官学校[グリニッジ].
    ● 英国自然史博物館 [Challenger号の模型展示あり].
    ● 英国水中考古学協会.
    ● 英国地質学研究所.
    ● 国際石油開発生産フォーラム.
    ● ディーコン海洋研究所、Natural Environment Research Center [NERC].
    ● バートラム英国戦略研究所.
    ● 英国国立海洋研究所.
    ● 聖アンドリウム海洋考古学研究所.

    ● "Ocean Drilling Program, United Kingdom" [UKODP].
      "ODP Links"あり.
    ● "Link Aquaculture".

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